In celebration of its eighth anniversary, Bandhan Bank has introduced a captivating sonic identity named ‘Call of Bandhan.’ This musical creation is the brainchild of the esteemed sound designer and renowned music composer, Amit Trivedi.

Beyond a mere tune, ‘Call of Bandhan’ encapsulates the essence of Bandhan Bank’s core values – empowerment, inclusivity, freedom, and warmth. In a world filled with diverse media engaging various senses, Bandhan Bank’s decision to integrate a sonic identity into its brand assets aims to leave a lasting imprint on the minds of its audience.

Amit Trivedi shared his sentiments, “Composing ‘Call of Bandhan’ for Bandhan Bank’s identity is truly an honor for me. The bank’s journey is profoundly inspiring, having risen from modest beginnings to become one of the nation’s fastest-growing entities. My aim was to encapsulate this transformation through the musical piece. I invite everyone who appreciates music, including my own, to listen, share, and embrace the ‘Call of Bandhan.'”

Apurva Sircar, Head of Marketing at Bandhan Bank, highlighted the power of music in stirring emotions wordlessly. In an era marked by content overload, brands must swiftly engage their audiences by appealing to multiple senses. The creation of ‘Call of Bandhan’ was guided by this very objective. Grounded in Indian culture yet modern and accessible to all, Bandhan Bank finds a magical representation of these attributes in Amit’s composition.

Pravin Sutar, Creative Head at Leo Burnett Orchard, Bandhan Bank’s creative partner, emphasized the importance of capturing the essence of ‘Call of Bandhan.’ It goes beyond a mere tune; it embodies empowerment, inclusivity, and warmth – the very soul of Bandhan Bank. Collaborating with an artist like Amit Trivedi, who understands the heartbeat of Indian music lovers, was a rewarding experience.

As Bandhan Bank ventures into its next phase, the ‘Call of Bandhan’ is poised to resonate deeply with audiences and reinforce a lasting connection.