Coca-Cola’s CEO, James Quincey, considers marketing spending as a key component of its strategy to unlock growth opportunities rather than a negative impact on profit margins.

In the third quarter of 2023, the company increased its marketing investments, resulting in organic revenue growth, although it partially offset the operating margin. Quincey, responding to an analyst’s question, stressed that extra marketing is not a hindrance to results but a driver for both top-line and bottom-line performance.


Coca-Cola’s post-Covid strategy involves an increased focus on areas where marketing investments can drive growth, and they intend to continue pursuing this approach. The company’s CFO, John Murphy, also supports the idea of reinvesting in their brands but emphasizes the importance of flexibility in their spending. Quincey highlighted the need for agility in marketing spending to adapt to changes expected in 2024.

Coca-Cola is optimistic about growth opportunities and is committed to maximizing them. The company’s marketing transformation includes a significant shift toward digital channels, with over 60% of their media spending now directed towards digital.

They are seeing positive returns on investment in these channels. Additionally, they are incorporating generative AI into various aspects of their operations, including product development and market research. Coca-Cola reported an 8% growth in net revenues for the third quarter, and its performance has led to an upgrade in full-year guidance.

While price mix changes have contributed to sales growth, Quincey believes there is still room for product diversification, especially through different packaging options, such as premium and tailored consumption solutions.