It can be difficult to come up with original Instagram content each time you need to post if you have a long to-do list. Instagram templates are the best way to increase productivity, maintain brand coherence, and create content quickly.

Table of Contents:-

  • What Are Instagram Templates?
  • Why Use Instagram Templates?
  • 5 Types of Instagram Templates

What Are Instagram Templates?

Social media managers can personalize reusable graphic (or video) templates called Instagram templates to help them create content more quickly.

Therefore, how do you schedule a post for your feed, Instagram Story, or Reel? A template is ready and waiting to be utilized. With Later’s social media marketing tools, you can simplify your daily tasks. Make a free account now to plan, organize, and evaluate your templated material.

 Why Use Instagram Templates?

 Here are the top three advantages of using Instagram templates, be it to showcase your newest product or allocate more time to your “always on” content:

 #1: Save Time

Time is of the essence when it comes to social media management. It’s easy: Using templates speeds up and simplifies the content creation process, enhancing productivity and your overall Instagram strategy.

Example: – Imagine you’re a social media manager for a fashion brand, and you need to regularly post product highlights. Instead of creating each post from scratch every time, you can use Instagram templates. You’ve designed a template that includes the brand’s logo, a specific color scheme, and placeholders for product images and descriptions.

 #2: Make More Posts Frequently

If you ask any social media manager, they’ll probably cite regular posting schedules as one of the main factors in their success on Instagram.  The key to consistency? A ready-to-use Instagram template for every situation.

#3: Curate a More Cohesive Feed

Using Instagram templates to create a consistent grid can help visitors (and potential customers) understand who you are and what you do right away, giving you a few seconds to make a great first impression.

Example: – Certainly! Let’s say you have an Instagram account dedicated to fitness and wellness. To curate a more cohesive feed with an Instagram template, you could use a consistent color scheme, filter, and content style.

Real-life example:                                

Color Scheme: Choose a specific color palette, such as shades of blue and green, to represent health and nature. Use these colors in your images, text overlays, and borders for a cohesive look.

Filter: Apply a consistent filter to all your photos. For instance, you could use a filter that enhances natural lighting and gives your images a bright and fresh feel.

Content Style: Create a template for your fitness posts. This might include a specific arrangement of workout images, inspirational quotes, and progress updates. For example, every Monday, you could post a “Motivation Monday” quote in a text box over a workout photo. Every Wednesday, you could share a before-and-after transformation post.

By using these Instagram templates for color, filter, and content style, you’ll create a visually cohesive feed that reinforces your brand and makes your content instantly recognizable to your followers.

Five Categories of Instagram Templates (With Usage Insights) With a preview of our Canva templates included, these are the top Five Instagram template categories to include in your content planning strategy:

  1. Templates for Instagram Carousels
  2. Templates for Instagram memes
  3. Templates for Instagram Thread Posts and Tweets
  4. Templates for Instagram Reels Covers
  5. Product Templates for Instagram


#1: Templates for Instagram Carousels

The ideal method for promoting instructional content, holding a giveaway, or increasing traffic to a new blog post? Naturally, using an Instagram carousel template.

 #2: Templates for Instagram memes

Templates are your best friend when memes disappear as quickly as they emerge.

#3: Templates for Instagram Thread Posts and Tweets

The greatest way to overcome writer’s block, prevent creative burnout, and increase the frequency of your posts is to recycle tweets and threads. Just drag and drop the desired screenshot into the template, write a caption, and it’s ready to go.

 #4: Templates for Instagram Reels Covers

On-brand Instagram Reels covers are essential, especially when sharing user-generated content. The outcome? Catchy headlines and images to encourage interaction and maintain the highest quality possible for your Reels tab.

#5: Product Templates for Instagram

 Make your most recent product release visually appealing. Use a selling template to launch a new drop, highlight your best-selling items, or give a sneak peek at an upcoming release.


There you have it: Five  Instagram templates to elevate your feed. Try out each to determine which appeals to your audience the most. Then, use them once more—and once more.