KFC India is promoting Indian Sign Language in advance of the International Day of Sign Languages by utilizing its most recognizable brand element, the iconic bucket. Customers can learn how to communicate in Indian Sign Language (ISL) by using the specially created Sign Language Bucket, which includes step-by-step visual demonstrations of frequently used words and phrases. On the bucket, words like “Hello,” “Please,” “Good Morning,” “How are you,” “Have a good day,” “Lol,” and “What’s up?” are prominently displayed with numbers and sizes. This week, all KFC outlets in India will offer the specifically created Sign Language Buckets.

The #SpeakSign campaign and the Sign Language Bucket are components of KFC India’s Kshamata programme, which aims to close the gender and ability gap while nourishing people’s potential. KFC India is dedicated to empowering women and the speech and hearing challenged at their restaurants through the Kshamata programme.

“Our founder, Colonel Sanders, strongly believed that everyone had a seat at his table, and his values & beliefs continue to inspire us even today,” said Aparna Bhawal, CMO, KFC India & Partner Countries, in reference to the programme. We are dedicated to promoting inclusion for the hearing and speech disabled through KFC Kshamata and our #SpeakSign campaign. We really wanted to push ourselves this year in preparation for International Day of Sign Languages and make Sign Language more accessible to customers. So, we applied sign language to the bucket, our most important and recognizable brand asset. We give them a chance to actively learn the language by changing it with images that illustrate ISL. If customers leave our restaurants knowing the fundamentals of sign language, it’s a great victory for our mission of inclusivity.

For customers to learn how to sign their preferred KFC menu items, unique KFC outlets (run by staff members who are deaf and hard of hearing) are also introducing a unique Sign Language Menu.

All Special KFC locations in India remained silent on September 23rd, and staff members encouraged customers to communicate with signals rather than words. Additionally, there will be brief instructional films posted on KFC India’s Instagram account that give a “Crunch Course in Sign Language” to teach consumers how to communicate in sign at a Special KFC location.